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Zoanthid Coral Zoanthid Coral
Zoanthid coral is colonial and very hardy. Zoanthids surprisingly, are not coral but cnidarians. Zoanthids are symmetrical and radial. They are actually referred to as colonial anemones because they are tube-like and come in a variety of colors as well as sizes.

Since most of us refer to Zoanthids as coral, I will keep it simple and refer to them as coral as well. Zoanthid corals come from nearly every legal collection area. They mat to live rock in the ocean as well as the sand beds just like in out tanks. It is actually quite amazing how fast they grow and how quickly they are able to cover the rocks.

Zoanthid coral is very toxic, and there are cases in which individuals have had to receive treatment for exposure of toxicity. The main things to remember are to be cautious, use gloves and eye protection, and wash your hands after handling them as you would with any coral. Zoanthids can squirt quite a distance when they are irritated, for this reason some simple eye protection is neccessary.

They are so hardy that they can withstand even the harshest situations and less than pristine water quality. This is often why they are said to be bullet-proof. It is truly amazing how well they are able to survive in so many different conditions. The best part about zoanthid coral in general is their "sunscreen" known as zooxanthellae. This sunscreen shows itself off as the zoanthids color, sometimes being green, red, orange, pink, and blue. Blue Zoanthids contain the most rare color.

Zoanthid coral has become one of the most sought after corals in the aquarium trade, due to the different colors and patterns. It is surprising how many different morphs have shown up.